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DEADPOOL 2: Production to Begin Early 2017

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Deadpool 2 creators shoot for early 2017 production. Deadpool 2 Producer Simon Kinberg announced that the team, which includes returning director Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds, hopes to begin production of the box office hit’s sequel early next year.

20th Century Fox greenlit Deadpool 2 in April, shortly after Deadpool broke a number of box office records and became the highest earner in the entire X-Men film franchise. Simon Kinberg has confirmed that the film’s sequel will be written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who co-wrote the first film. “We hope to have a script very soon,” said Kinberg this weekend at the Saturn Awards, at which he won the George Pal Memorial Award for his work in the science fiction genre. “We hope to shoot the movie sometime in the beginning of next year,” he added.

No plot details have been publicly discussed, and there is no set release date yet. Regarding his other projects, Kinberg commented that “we really want it to be discovered, you know, the way that we used to watch movies a long time ago when you didn’t know everything about them when you went to go see them.” It looks like the Deadpool 2 team may be pretty tight-lipped throughout this process, given Kinburg’s feelings about how informed an audience should be upon entering a movie.

Deadpool fans won’t be stopped from postulating about the eagerly awaited sequel, though. Deadpool‘s after-credits scene included mention of a character named Cable, so it may be safe to take a hint that the next installment of the Merc with a Mouth’s story will involve this new face. Casting details for Cable and other Deadpool characters are sure to pop up throughout the rest of the sequel’s writing process, and we’ll be eagerly waiting.

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