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THE DEATH CURE (2018): Dylan O’Brien Injury Delays Release

Dylan O'Brien The Death Cure

Fox postpones The Death Cure releaseThe Death Cure (2018), the third film in The Maze Runner series, was originally set to hit theaters in February 2017, but star Dylan O’Brien‘s injury on set has led to almost a year’s delay in the film’s release.

O’Brien, who plays Thomas in The Maze Runner (2014) and The Scorch Trials (2015), sustained injuries in an accident involving elevated harness work on the set of The Death Cure this March. The film’s production continued for over a month; it was shut down at the end of April, when it became clear that O’Brien needed more time to heal and that the film would be unable to make the February 2017 deadline.

The first two films in The Maze Runner series were released almost exactly a year apart; this delayed release of the series’ third film- to January 12, 2018- puts two and a half years between part 2 and part 3 of the series. The Maze Runner is predominately targeted toward young adults, begging the question: will Maze Runner fans have aged out of their interest by 2018?

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