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DIMENSION 404: Lorenza Izzo, Daniel Zovatto, And Tom Noonan Join Series [Hulu]

Dimension 404

Lorenza Izzo, Daniel Zovatto, and Tom Noonan all sign on to the cast of Dimension 404. The three actors will play roles in the original science fiction/fantasy anthology series from Hulu.

The series, which is already set to star Ashley Rickards, Joel McHale, Lea Michele, Ryan Lee, and Sterling Beaumon, will feature six episodes that each tell their own unique stories. In the time-honored tradition of such past anthology series as The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, Dimension 404 will tell suspenseful stories for the modern era and plunge viewers into a world that is as chilling in its similarities to our own as it is its differences:

In one episode, Izzo will play Val, a confident, brash upstart in the world of competitive video games. But while she ignores her burgeoning adult responsibilities, she discovers a mysterious Energy Drink that can slow down time and give her the competitive edge she thinks she needs.

In another episode, Zovatto will play Zach alongside Sarah Hyland and Patton Oswalt, a smooth-talking heartthrob who can not only sell people on the merits of the brand new and terrifyingly real “Cinethrax” movie format, but gain the adoration of the episode’s young heroin.

In yet another episode, Noonan will play Bob alongside Constance Wu and Megan Mullally, the NSA’s unusual, most-valued secret agent, who receives counseling from a military psychologist (Wu) in order to help him overcome his performance issues and stop a deadly terrorist attack.

Leave your thoughts on Lorenza Izzo, Daniel Zavatto, and Tom Noonan joining the cast of Hulu’s Dimension 404 (via Deadline) in the comments section below. For more Dimension 404 photos, videos, and information, visit our Dimension 404 Page, and consider subscribing to us by Email, “following” us on Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, or “liking” us on Facebook for quick updates. Dimension 404 will stream on Hulu.

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