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DIRTY BLOOD (2012) Movie Trailer, Poster: Kang Hyo-jin, Yoon Joo

Yoon Joo Dirty Blood

Dirty Blood Trailer, Poster. Kang Hyo-jin‘s Dirty Blood (2012) movie trailer, movie poster stars Yoon Joo, Lim Dae-il, Seol Ji-yoon, and Yoo Yeong-chae. Dirty Blood‘s plot synopsis: “In-seon is about to leave to Spain as a foreign exchange student when she hears shocking news from her terminally-ill mother.

Her father she thought dead, was alive and she was born when he raped her mother. While she had inner conflicts about her existence, she decides to find him and kill him. She disguises herself as his previous wife’s relative and starts living with him and In-seon’s actions of revenge gradually collapses…

The Dirty Blood movie poster:

Dirty Blood Movie Poster

Dirty Blood movie poster

So the spawn of the rape is going to take revenge for her mother on her father? That’s dramatic…if she actually goes through with it. This also sounds like a Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit episode as well.

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Source: Twitchfilm, Hancinema