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Dollhouse has been Canceled


Dollhouse has been canceled. The Dollhouse television show, which helped kill the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles television show, has been given the axe by Fox. I can not say that I am surprised…or not happy. I never liked the economic decision Fox made between renewing Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles or Dollhouse (the cheaper to produce per episode of the two). I love most of Dollhouse creator Joss Whedon‘s work, especially Firefly, but Dollhouse was weak, with the exception of specific episodes. Direction Dollhouse went into did not help build an audience for the show at all, except for episode Epitaph One, which television audiences did not see unless they rented or bought the DVD or downloaded the episode. I saw the signs of the cancelation coming. First at recent comic-cons, Fox execs assured fans that they would air all 13 episodes for Season 2 of Dollhouse. Why would they have to make this assurance if the show was not in trouble and in danger of being axed? Second, when Fox stopped airing new Dollhouse episodes in late October 2009 and started airing House re-runs in their place, I knew something was wrong. Why air re-runs in the Friday night dead zone when you have new episodes of series to air?

Now the only thing left to look forward to concerning Dollhouse are Summer Glau’s appearances and her black gloved left hand. “As for what Whedon’ll do next, here’s what he posted on Whedonesque: “I’m off to pursue internet ventures/binge drinking. Possibly that relaxation thing I’ve read so much about. By the time the last episode airs, you’ll know what my next project is. But for now there’s a lot of work still to be done, and disappointment to bear.” Whedon should take as much time as he needs and learn from the lesson he has been spanked with twice: Stay away from Fox.

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  • Lew1

    Ok who did not see this coming? Lol Joss has been spanked twice. That expression comes to mind fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. The show was just lacking something. Hopefully fox will let the show die with dignity and not leave us in limbo like they did with TTSCC. What Joss needs to do now is sit down behind the computer and write Firefly season 2 the revenge of Wash. As you know I am a endless campaigner of this but this is what he needs to do to get himself out of thi slump.

  • He has been. I don't know why he went back to Fox in the first place. His show got auto-dumped into Friday nights (the dead zone), again.

    The show was definitely lacking something. Whedon has already filmed 13 eps for this season and they are scheduled to start airing again in December. Summer!

    Firefly Season 2 is never going to happen. If it were, it would have happened before now.

  • Lew1

    I think he just has to stay away from Fox. But it does make me angry that they dumped TTSCC for dollhous and now they have dumped dollhouse. Then I read that Joss wants to buy the right to TTSCC and make the second season. If anyone could it would be him.

  • I was never really into Dollhouse plus I saw it coming.

    Joss made a joke letter saying he wanted to buy the Terminator film franchise for $10K since the franchise's last film was crap and the franchise is up for sale again.

  • Lew1

    Oh ok they would explain it. I only glanced over it so that would be why then. It would be call though if he did buy it .

  • I wish Cameron would buy TSCC and bring it to FX, SpikeTV or HBO or buy the film franchise. Who knows, maybe SyFy will take Dollhouse.

  • Lew1

    Oh ok they would explain it. I only glanced over it so that would be why then. It would be call though if he did buy it .

  • I wish Cameron would buy TSCC and bring it to FX, SpikeTV or HBO or buy the film franchise. Arnold and Cameron could partner and buy the franchise.

    Who knows, maybe SyFy will take Dollhouse. They took Firefly.

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