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Dreamworks Animation closes PDI Studio After Low Performing Releases

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Dreamworks closes PDI studio. How could this have happened? The Studio PDI/Dreamworks with hits like “Shrek” and “Madagascar,” the successful animation studio PDI/Dreamworks will be closing.

It should have been a joyful time at the studio, their latest film “How to Train your Dragon 2” had won a Golden Globe and is currently a strong contender for an Oscar. However PDI/Dreamworks will be closing down as the studio reorganizes itself after unsuccessful box office performance.

PDI started as a humble visual effect studio doing small CGI effects in such films as “Batman Forever,” “Terminator 2,” and “Angels in the Outfield” just to name a few. It was later brought in by Dreamworks animation to collaborate on “Antz.” This lead to Dreamworks to buy the studio and begin work on future hits like “Shrek” and “Madagascar.”

As of late, the studio pushed too hard and released three movies a year, pushing it’s forces to the limit and resulting in sub-par products. The films, “Sherman and Mr. Peabody” and “The Penguins of Madagascar” lead to box office disappointment.

Dreamworks will be firing half of the work force of about 450 employees. Dreamworks animation will be firing about 500 employees by the end of the year, amounting to about 18% of its workforce.

Jeffery Katzanberg had this to say, “The No. 1 priority for DreamWorks Animation’s core film business is to deliver consistent creative and financial success. I am confident that this strategic plan will deliver great films, better box office results and growing profitability across our complementary businesses.”

Let’s hope that Dreamworks can turn this disappointing turn of events and go on to create the same films that one time rivalled those of Disney and Pixar. I’m sure starting the year with the possibility of  winning an Oscar is a promising start.

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