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DVD / Blu-ray New Releases: December 24, 2013: MORE THAN HONEY

More Than Honey

Markus Imhoof, the Oscar-nominated director of The Boat is Full, puts the problem of the worldwide disappearance of honeybees under a microscope in his latest documentary More Than Honey. Imhoof, who hails from a multigenerational family of beekeepers, traveled from Calfornia to China and Australia to northern Europe to examine the local honeybee populations and the challenges they face. Featuring stunning macrophotography of bees engaged in their normal activities (flight, hive work, etc.), More Than Honey attempts to solve the mystery of worldwide colony collapse and to raise awareness of the essential function honeybees still play in our modern world. An estimated 80% of plant species depend on bees for pollination and no less than Albert Einstein predicted “If the bees ever die out, mankind will die out four years later.” More Than Honey is available as a stunning single disc Blu-ray or a single DVD.

Oblivion with Morgan Freeman and Tom Cruise releases on Blu-ray today. The controversial Sci-Fi flick is set on a future Earth where humanity has abandoned the planet for Saturn’s Titan save a lone drone repairman and his wife who live above the clouds and attempt to dodge the small rebel faction stuck below on the ruined Earth. Previously released on DVD Oblivion is visually stunning with fast-paced action, brilliantly displayed on the 1080P Blu-ray offering. From its contrast of the sterile blindingly white home of Jack (Cruise) and Vica (Andrea Riseborough) to the barren landscape of the Earth below to the heartstopping action sequences on land and clouds, the eye of the audience has some tough choices to make about the what to focus on. Even more difficult is what to make of the plot which packs in so many questions and offers so few answers.

Hollywood is currently addicted to reboots of classic tales; what better way to kick it up a notch than to have the victims empower themselves and seek revenge on their tormentors? Throw in some guns and you have yourself a hit. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters features grown up siblings who have managed to turn around their childhood abuse and channel their rage into a viable vocation hunting witches. They have a successful run into they encounter a nemesis that will take every last bit of cunning, wits, and skill they have to defeat. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is available as a Blu-ray combo pack (BD+DVD+UV+DC) and a single disc DVD.

Other notable releases include:

MGM 90th Anniversary Blu-ray Collection

Insiduous: Chapter 2

Aquarium 4K-The Tropical Reef Experience

Fireplace 4-The Ultimate Fireplace Experience

Terror Tract

Fear of Clowns 2


Ocean’s 11/Ocean’s 12

Hall Pass/Wedding Crashers

The Hangover/The Hangover 2

Green Lantern/The Watchmen

The Blind Side/Dolphin Tale

W.W.E. Survivor Edition (Best Buy Exclusive)

Say “I Love You”: The Complete Collection

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