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Superman Unbound

DVD/Blu-ray News April 23, 2013. The DVD / Blu-ray News for this week includes: Superman: Unbound, The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition, Jack the Giant Slayer, Transformers: Rescue Bots—Energize, Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry and Race With The Devil, Cohen & Tate, and New World.

Superman: Unbound

• Standard and high definition versions of the feature film

• Featurette – “Kandor: History of the Bottle City” – An all-new featurette. Kandor: a peaceful scientific community dedicated toward the preservation of all that is good on Krypton, the home world of Superman. That is, until the city was ripped from its world and placed into a small glass bottle! This is the short story highlighting the shrunken city of Kandor. Its history just as fascinating as it is unique, here is how it ties in directly with the Man of Tomorrow.

• Featurette – “Brainiac: Technology and Terror” – An all-new featurette. Mostly machine, but part sentient being, Brainiac steals cities and destroys worlds. Is he the most vile of Superman’s villainous foes? Experience the Brainiac mythology and find out why Superman barely stands a chance!

• Audio Commentary – Featuring members of the creative team: Mike Carlin, Bob Goodman and James Tucker.

• Four bonus episodes from Superman: The Animated Series (“The Last Son of Krypton, Part 1”; “New Kids in Town”; and “Little Girl Lost, Parts 1 & 2”), all handpicked by producer Alan Burnett.

• Digital Comic – Excerpt from the graphic novel Superman: Brainiac by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

• Sneak Peek at Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, the next DC Universe Animated Original Movie

Superman: Unbound arrives on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD May 7, 2013.

Supergirl Flying Superman UnboundSuperman Unbound

The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition

Disney will release the Blu-ray and DVD of The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition on October 1, 2013 in four combinations: 3 disc Blu-ray 3D ($49.99), 2 disc Blu-ray in DVD packaging ($39.99), 2 disc Blu-ray in BD packaging ($39.99), and 2 disc Blu-ray with Digital Copy ($44.99). Amazon is currently offering a $5.00 discount on pre-orders of the 3D version of The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition, so act fast!

The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition Bluray

Jack the Giant Slayer

Warner Home Video revealed a June 18, 2013 release date for Jack the Giant Slayer on DVD, Blu-ray, and Blu-ray 3D ($35.99, $28.98, and $44.95, respectively). The Blu-ray extras include a gag reel, deleted scenes, and a Jack the Giant Slayer “interactive experience.”

Nicholas Hoult Jack The Giant Slayer

Shout! Factory Titles

Shout! Factory Kids has set a June 11, 2013 DVD-only release date for Transformers: Rescue Bots—Energize. The parent company, Shout! Factory, will release a Blu-ray double feature, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry and Race With The Devil, on June 4, 2013. They will also release Cohen & Tate starring Alec Baldwin and Roy Scheider on July 9, 2013

Transformers Rescue Bots Energize

New World

Well Go USA Entertainment will also release the Park Hoon-Jeong thriller New World on Blu-ray and DVD that same date ($29.98 and $24.98).

New World

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