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EMBERS (2015) Movie Poster: A World Without Memory

Embers Poster Arrives

Embers Movie Poster Released. The poster for Claire Carré‘s Embers (2015) is beautiful. In a world full of photoshopped floating heads and lazily cropped bodies, blue and orange color palettes being reproduced ad infinitum – this actually looks pleasant, created with care, and gives us a look into the themes of the film.

Regarding the narrative, “The world as we know it has been forgotten. A decade after a global epidemic, those who remain suffer from lasting effects of the virus – retrograde and anterograde amnesia. The survivors navigate a decaying landscape, unable to recall the past or create new memories. Each finds their own way to cope with life in a perpetual present, where meaning must be experienced moment by moment.”

Take a look at this beautiful one-sheet yourself!

Embers Poster

Embers stars Jason RitterIva GochevaGreta Fernández and Tucker Smallwood.

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Sources: Twitch, IMDb

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