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Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq joins True Blood (Isn’t this character supposed to be a Teen?)


The episode of True Blood, entitled True Blood: Season 2, Ep. 12: Frenzy, introduces the character from The Southern Vampire Mysteries of Sophie-Anne Leclerq. Sophie-Anne will be played by Evan Rachel Wood. Every since I saw her in theater during her debut in Thirteen, I have been a fan of Evan Rachel Wood’s work and looked forward to her joining the True Blood, even if it were only briefly. Then after a little research, I found out that Sophie-Anne Leclerq, whose real name is Judith, was turned in her teens. This means 22-year old Wood is almost a decade too old to be playing the character.

Changing character ages is a common and tiring trend in Hollywood. First I noticed it when I watched both versions of Dune (great book), where Muad’Dib is supposed to be 15 yet is always portrayed by an actor in their late twenties.  The same thing happened when Children of Dune (good book) was adapted, as well as Billy Bathgate (great book). This trend continued on through television shows like 90210 and Friday Night Lights.

When 12-year old vampire Charlotte was introduced in Blade: The Series, it was great for the series, the same can be said for diminutive Claudia’s  inclusion in Interview with a Vampire. It’s too bad the writers for True Blood did not see it this same way and cast and an up-and-coming teen actress in the Sophie-Anne Leclerq role. At least they briefly added a great actress to True Blood. I am looking forward to Evan Rachel Wood’s True Blood episode (s) nonetheless.


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  • Elektromyk

    teen actors will look different year after year, its better when the actor has reached puberty and there aren't physical changes to the vampire that doesn't age

  • S_roberts235

    Vampires don't age. If they used a teenage actress as Sophie-Anne, by the end of the season, she'd probably look notably different. The child actor who played “Colin” on season 1 and 2 of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER had to be phased out because he'd grown noticeably.

  • I see your point but at the same time it is not the point. The dynamic of the character is thrown of by her age being advanced. The interest is lowered.

    Now a vampire wants to marry Sophie. The man is in his late forties, early fifties. Imagine the situation if the actress playing her was twelve or thirteen. See how it is subtly changed?

  • The producers could shot her scenes ahead of time so that wouldn't be a factor. They do that in movies all the time, shot scenes out of sequence to the actual film then edit them in sequence when the film has rapped.

    Is that the official reason Colin was phased out or had his storyline been concluded?

  • KaY

    I just watched an episode of True Blood and Sophie-Anne grabbed Erics 'package'… Could you imagine a teen doing that?? It makes things easier that she's older.

  • I can actually. Think of how much more twisted the scene would have been if it had been a teen doing it. It is a horror series after all. They could have had a stand-in do the grab. We would have never known.

  • Tj

    I think the whole ‘ageing’ of the character is just compliance to fairly strict legal requirements controlling the portrayal of minors in scenes involving either sex, violence or sometimes even discussion thereof.

  • That could be true except for:

    Sophie-Anne never had sex on the show.

    The character of Arya on Game of Thrones is consistently in violent situations and is only eleven or twelve.

    On Blade: The Series, one of the coven leaders is eleven or twelve-year-old girl and is given a baby to feed on in her first scene on the show. If the legal restrictions were true, that scene could never have been shown on SpikeTV or TV period.

  • Tj

    She doesn’t need to have had sex on the show- the fact of her being sexually active is implied throughout. I can’t speak for TV in the US but internationally True Blood is syndicated across different countries with differing guidelines and I’m guessing the makers have to adhere to those whether it is in accord with the storyline or not (that is if they want to collect royalties from legal viewing +the adverts that support it). That is one of the reasons shows like Misfits are accorded the 15+ category even on pay TV. And I think there are subtle differences between sexual imagery and violent imagery. The same people who agree with the 15+ category for Misfits wouldn’t blink at their kids watching the Saw franchise. It is what it is. Plus you have to accept that while there is an overlap in the audiences for the book and the tv show, I’m guessing isn’t massive enough to compel an absolute parity with everything in the book.

  • Great point on the international aspect of the show. I had not considered that at all.

    I know nothing about international guidelines so I can’t argue that point. I would think that wouldn’t play into casting for a role but I am being naive.

    I think they cast Wood because she is a big star and a “get”. Its the same with The Hunger Games.

    As for Misfits, I have been meaning to start watching that show. I am still on the second season of Skins. I have a lot of seasons to get through.

  • theperfectnose

    Watch Misfits first. The first and second seasons are definitely worth it. Nothing will be the same again. XD

  • I just watched the first 2 episodes of Misfits. Cool show. I reviewed the 1st ep here:

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