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EXTANT: Season 2, Episode 8: Arms & the Humanich: TV Show Trailer [CBS]

Melina Kanakaredes Jeffrey Dean Morgan Extant Arms & the Humanich

TV show trailer for CBS Extant episode Arms & the Humanich. With Molly (Halle Berry) going all in, for the cause of Hybrid coexistence, Tobias Shepherd (David Morrissey) going all out, in his effort to exterminate them, and Lucy (Kiersey Clemons) going off the rails, as both Hybrid Hunter & Humanich honcho, Extant looks to be going into full blown shooting mode. Well, shooting gallery mode, anyway; if the trailer is any indication.

I expect Hybrid Hawks, like Ares (Cleo Anthony), may have some kind of push-back in store, when Lucy’s kids decide to play rough with Molly’s; but for now, the contest looks pretty one-sided – with Molly facing martyrdom, for all of her pacifist efforts.

‘Arms & the Humanich’ also features Jeffrey Dean MorganPierce Gagnon, Grace GummerTyler Hilton, Henderson Wade, McKenna RobertsPatrick Johnson, Jamaal Hepburn, Khalid Ghajji, and Melina Kanakaredes, and airs Wednesday, Aug. 12, at 9:00 pm, EST, on CBS.

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