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EXTREME UNIVERSE: Rob Liefeld’s Comic Book Characters Land Netflix Film Deals

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Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Universe Lands Film Deals at Netflix

The comic book film industry is a hot commodity. Companies are on the look out for new and worthy comic book IPs to turn into feature films (or TV shows). Netflix has found the former with Robert Liefeld‘s Extreme Universe. The idea, like with Marvel and DC Comics films, is to create movies with related and connected characters and storylines. To shepherd that ambition forward, a writers room will be erected and staffed by yet undisclosed writers so that everyone is creatively on the same page. Film producer Akiva Goldsman will supervise and manage the films’ writing department.

The film rights deal between Rob Liefeld and Netflix was reportedly in the seven figures. The reason Liefeld got such a large payday because of the breath of material involved: “Extreme Universe covers six comic books, encompassing more than 50 characters that include Brigade, Bloodstrike, Cybrid, Re-Gex, Bloodwulf and Kaboom.” Unfortunately, Youngblood is not part of Extreme Universe / Netflix deal. I am a big fan of Brigade, however, thus I am very excited about the Extreme Universe / Netflix deal. I hope Supreme is part of this deal as well.

Rob Liefeld is excited as well:

Netflix has become a part of every day existence for me and my children. Their programming is the most dynamic and diverse I have seen. I am beyond thrilled and inspired to be bringing my Extreme catalogue to life with the creative wizards at Netflix. What Akiva Goldsman has achieved with his craft and storytelling across all mediums in our industry is of absolute benefit for my Extreme characters. He is an absolute comic book fanatic and working with him on adapting Extreme Universe has been electric. His stellar work on Star Trek Discovery has wowed the fandom and trust me when I say that the Teen Titans show he is producing is going to blow fans away. I cannot wait to show the world what we have in store.

The executive producer of the Extreme Universe / Netflix films will be Greg Lessans. The producers on the films will be Liefeld, Goldsman, and Brooklyn Weaver.

I believe this deal came to be because of two factors: Deadpool and Disney’s upcoming direct-to-customer streaming service. Liefeld helped to co-create the merc-with-the-mouth. Deadpool made over $783 Million and its sequel looks as though it will be a success as well. Like the deal Amazon struck with Robert Kirkman, Netflix saw a creative genius and signed that furtive mind to an exclusive contract.

Because of Disney’s upcoming direct-to-customer streaming service, Disney and Marvel will no longer be licensing future Marvel or Disney IPs to Netflix. The five Marvel comic book TV series that Netflix has: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders will be the only and last Marvel TV series that will air on Netflix. Netflix needed another sources for fresh comic book IPs. DC Comics is out. Sooner or later, they will start their own direct-to-customer streaming service. So Netflix turned to Robert Liefeld and his Extreme Universe.

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