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FARGO: Ewan McGregor Cast to Lead Season 3

Ewan McGregor Fargo

Ewan McGregor cast as lead in FX‘s Fargo Season 3. Noah Hawley‘s dark comedy anthology series, Fargo, will star Ewan McGregor as brothers Emmit and Ray Stussy. A seasoned actor on the big screen, McGregor is new to the small; this will be his first role as a series regular on a television show.

McGregor’s Emmit and Ray Stussy are two brothers of nearly the same age whose paths in life have drastically varied. While Emmit portrays a vision of the American dream- attractive, successful, and self-made- Ray serves as an image of what happens when dreams peak in high school. Overweight, bald, and employed as a parole officer, Ray blames Emmit for his own lot in life.

Following the show’s previously set format of depicting unique locales and eras each season, Fargo‘s season 3 will take place in 2010 Minnesota. Although this setting might allow for connections with characters from previous seasons, Hawley has confirmed that previous seasons’ main characters won’t make any appearances. He hasn’t ruled out the possibility of mentions or of more minor character appearances, though.

Production on Fargo season 3 is set to begin later this year with the goal of a 2017 season premiere.

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