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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: Season 2.9: Los Muertos: Trailer [AMC]

Kim Dickens Alycia Debnam-Carey Mercedes Mason Colman Domingo Fear the Walking Dead Los Muertos

AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead Los Muertos trailer. While Nick (Frank Dillane) gets the lay of the land, regarding the new clinic he had lucked into, the balance of the remaining cast members – that, at the moment, should be collectively referred to as ‘Not-Nicks’ – check into some fancy accommodations of their own.

Well, since you should never check-in without a little Yelp, and nothing easy’s ever simple, both stints run into a bit of rough-and-tumble with the locals.

While the Not-Nicks (minus a pair of walk-offs) seem to stumble into a Walker cut of Hotel California, Nick seems set to receive yet another reminder that apocalypse grade sanctuaries always come with a price. Of course, it could also be said that admitting Nick (or any of the principal cast members, for that matter) into your sanctuary also comes with a price; but maybe we shouldn’t be reaching for that sanctuary doomsday clock just yet.

I mean, how clockwork would another safe haven quickie intro-to-meltdown be, right? Right…?

‘Los Muertos’ also stars Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens, Colman Domingo, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Mercedes Mason, Lorenzo James Henrie, Danay Garcia, Alejandro Edda, Arturo del Puerto, Rubén Blades, and Michelle Ang (supposedly – lots of false listings for 2.1). It airs Sunday, Aug. 28, at 9:00pm EST, on AMC.

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