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Film Review: THE GIGOLO 2 (2016): Thrusts Audience Into Boredom

The Gigolo 2 Aap wong 2

The Gigolo 2 Review

The Gigolo 2 / Aap wong 2 (2016) Film Review, a movie directed by Kwok-Man Keung, starring Iris Chung, Dominic Ho, Tony Ho, Alex Tak-Shun Lam, Leslie Lam, Sammy Leung, Winnie Leung, and Teresa Mak.

Plot synopsis

 This movie is primarily about two characters: Fung (Dominic Ho Ho-man) and Monica (Connie Man Hoi-ling).

Fung is a semi-retired gigolo who is now running a nightclub his ex had left him. Although he enjoys the fun of taking care of a busy nightclub, he still continues his past work as being ‘King of the Gigolos’ part-time. One woman who turns to Fung for help is a young lawyer (Leslie Lam) who needs to learn how to enjoy sex so that she may have a happy and fulfilled life with her soon-to-be husband.

Then there is Monica, a starving actress, taking on two-bit roles as an extra, living with her useless boyfriend who gambles away her money and brings women into their bed demanding snacks when she interrupts them. Monica’s best friend Sushi is also an actress but spends most of her nights as a prostitute making the big bucks with horny rich men. Sushi tries to convince Monica that becoming a prostitute is the quickest and surest way to make money. After a horrific foray into the red light world, and after being called a ‘dead-fish’, Monica is sure that she has no idea how to please a man and thus she could never be a prostitute. Sushi introduces Monica to Fung, and suddenly The Gigolo 2 is turned into the wuxia of the Kama-sutra, allowing Monica to be the grandmaster of sex.


Although the transformation both the physical (hair makeup) and mannerisms is quite believable in the character of Monica, our dear friend Fung seems to spend more time trying to look good on camera than he does trying to act.

As Monica rises up in the world using her body to make millions of dollars and to travel the world, The Gigolo 2 becomes unnecessarily dizzying with too many side stories that seem to start in the middle of their story and never get completed. With characters that seem similar to each and not unique creating too much monotony and character confusion, the audience is left sitting there scratching their heads wondering what just happened and why?

Hong Kong native Kwok-Man Keung’s latest movie, The Gigolo 2 a.k.a. Aap wong 2, is a flaccid erotic comedy sequel to The Gigolo.

If nothing else, The Gigolo 2 does show viewers that sex is now something free and easy for people in contemporary Hong Kong. With lines such as: “Everyone is doing it these days, sex without love,” or “in this day and age, everyone gives blowjobs,” the director is commenting on how easy having sex without emotions has become in the modern world. The nuance of it being right or wrong, however, is lost in this movie. The Gigolo 2 brings very little to the table except for beautiful smiles and bodies. That being said, there could be something said for watching a nice, mindless movie like The Gigolo 2 after a long day’s work.

Rating: 5/10

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