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FIRE AND ICE: Robert Rodriguez To Direct Fantasy Film

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Rodriguez To Direct Fire And Ice For Sony. Robert Rodriguez will direct a live-action version of the 1983 animated film Fire And Ice.  Sony pictures plans to turn the Fire And Ice property into a Lord of the Rings style, fantasy film franchise. Rodriguez intends to use the style of artist (and series co-creator) Frank Frazetta’s paintings in order to create the films visual aesthetic.

Best known for the style and visual flair that he inserts into his films (Spy Kids, Planet Terror), Rodriguez compared Fire and Ice to his most stylistically ambitious film, Sin City,

Sin City reflected Millers two-dimensional plane and had an abstract very graphic quality to it, while Frazetta’s is this heightened reality, or rather layers of unreality that create a dream like reality you can get lost in, with an adventure film right out of his imagination. If we get the script in the next couple months, by the end of spring or start of summer, we start preproduction.”

It is always compelling to watch an auteur director re-imagine someone else’s artistic vision. There is a very fine line between honoring the original iteration and becoming a slave to it. Rodriguez masterfully entwined Sin City’s source material with his own style while working alongside Frank Miller, Sin City’s creator.

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Source: Deadline

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