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THE FLASH: Some Big Changes Coming for Mirror Master [The CW]

Mirror Master

Mirror Master Won’t Be The Same as the Comics in The Flash. While fans are excited to see Rogues’ member Mirror Master coming to The Flash, don’t expect to see the same guy from the comics being shown on screen. In fact, there’s a big change in store for the character this season.

The Flash (Grant Gustin) wouldn’t just go after powered villains, but he would also deal with The Rogues, a group of low-level criminals who use tech to commit crimes. The show managed to pull that off well with their iterations of Captain Cold, Heatwave, Trickster, and Golden Glider to name a few. One member we haven’t seen yet was Mirror Master, until now. Fans were excited that Grey Damon was chosen to play the role, but his powers may be altered when we see him. So we may not be seeing the same powers being shown on the screen like the comics.

TVLine recently spoke with EP Todd Helbing on their version of Mirror Master, and it turns out he will be a metahuman and won’t be jumping into different dimensions. “[Mirror Master] doesn’t use the [mirror] gun,” Helbing told TV Line. “He’s a true meta, but he’s not necessarily warping into other dimensions.”

Seeing Mirror Master as a metahuman may be strange, but it’s not uncommon for the show to flip the character into something different. The show made the same decision when they turned Weather Wizard into a metahuman.

Would you want the more classic Mirror Master or do you like the new version?

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