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THE X-FILES: Marathon Trailer & 1st New Episode Footage [Fox]

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The X-Files Marathon Trailer and New Episode Footage. It’s been an uphill climb for X-Files fans since even before the show came to a close in 2001. After David Duchovny’s decision to leave the show to spend more time with his family at the start of the eighth season, die-hards had to scramble to find reasons to defend a show that was growing tonally deaf, too often relapsing into self-parody.  Creator Chris Carter’s attempts to reboot the cast with Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish – reversing the dynamic of the leads merely by gender – was largely derided.

The nail in the coffin felt to be I Want to Believe, a monster of the week episode padded to feature length and featuring Billy Conolly as a psychic, pedophilic priest.

But given Netflix’s interest in keeping nostalgia alive, Carter and FOX have teamed together once more for an abridged season coming in January.  Production began earlier this summer, and now the first footage has been made available to the public.

The footage is just generic enough to feel like classic X-Files, with Mulder and Scully moving through dark spaces, guns drawn.  It’s as much a tease for the new season as it is a promo for FOX’s 201 days of X-Files, which began yesterday and ends just before the premiere of the new six episodes on January 24, 2016.

Take a look below:

The new season will feature most of the original cast, including at least one that was last seen obliterated by a helicopter rocket in the series finale.  Joel McHale will join playing a sardonic, conservative political pundit who becomes Mulder’s unlikely ally.  Flight Of The ConchordsRhys Darby will also star.

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Source: TVWrap

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