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FOXCATCHER (2014): The Negative Tweet heard around Hollywood

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There were some people left rubbing their heads when they read a tweet on the Oscar contending movie, Foxcatcher. The tweet read “#Foxcatcher Movie Slammed As ‘Complete Fiction’ By The Olympic Wrestler Who Inspired It. ‘Everything I’ve ever said positive about the movie I take back, I hate it.”

This tweet was based on Mark Schultz, the real life wrestler who’s represented by Hollywood heavyweight, Channing Tatum in the film. Mark tweeted about numerous reviews saying that the film seemed to imply that He and John du Pont had a sexual connection. The film features a scene where the two characters have a sweaty wrestling match, making many people come to the same sexual connection conclusion.

It gets stranger. The account that made the tweet is Warner Bros Digital Entertainment Group’s WB Digital. This condemning comment is very unusual given its history of supportive and positive tweets, praising Award nominated films such as American Sniper. It’s very unclear why Warner Brothers would slam Sony in such a way, which lead to a mystery worthy of the Hardy Boys.

Warner Brothers at first claimed it was an imposter posing as someone who represented them. They soon found that the twitter account was made by a consultant in hopes of promotion. The Heads at Warner Bros were disappointed and fell shameful for the person’s actions in representing them. The consultant was fired for making such a grievous mistake. Warner Bros had this to say “

“Earlier today we received a media inquiry about a Twitter post sent under the handle @WD DIGITAL. The item in question was a retweet of a Business Insider article regarding Sony’s film, Foxcatcher. We looked into the matter but were unable to find any connection between Warner Bros. and the Twitter account. After responding to the inquiry we continued to search for the source of the account and discovered that it was a promotional account directed by a consultant to Warner Bros. The retweet was posted as a general entertainment story, but posting anything that can be seen as a negative comment about one of our competitors is totally unacceptable and contrary to our operating policies.

The account has hence been suspended and there are no plans to reactivate it in the future.

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