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Frozen (2010) Movie Trailer

The Frozen (2010) Movie Trailer has premiered. Frozen is directed Adam Green and stars Kane HodderEmma Bell, Shawn Ashmore, and Kevin ZegersFrozen is a single-room thriller, like The Killing Room, set on a ski-resort chairlift. Frozen‘s plot synopsis: “Three college students/skiers are stranded on a chairlift and forced to make life-or-death choices that prove more perilous than staying put and freezing to death.” I thought this film was going to be crap before seeing this movie trailer. Boy was I wrong. Once again, a movie without stuff blowing and expensive effects is more compelling than many of the blockbusters released this year. What would you do to survive? How far would you go? Would you sit and freeze to death or act? Watch the Frozen (2010) Movie Trailer below and leave your thoughts on it. Frozen is available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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  • Kiki Remington

    After watching the trailer for Frozen, which by the way some parts of the trailer look really cool, but mostly form the music or sounds they played during the trailer make it look like a total thrill and suspeenceful movie. I am pretty sure it will kick but. I plan on going to see it when it comes out.

  • tessa

    I'm sorry but who doesn't wear gloves?!? It's not like you take them off because you're on the ski lift, and before your hand from to the metal you could put gloves on. However, other than the obvious things: why not monkey climb down to the next support instead of jump down? It still looks cool.

  • Me too.

  • She probably had gloves on and took them off.

    Their hands and feet might have been too cold by that point to monkey climb down.

    We will have to wait and see.

  • allie jones

    I saw this movie reviewed on the Today Show this morning, and just had to watch the trailor. Sundance movies are some of the best dimond in the rough movies there are, and I think this movie looks great! I love when they discover new talent in directors/writers and the movie becomes a smash hit. This movie reminds me of “Open Water” and that movie was so scary, just because it could really happen

  • Uvgotto B. Kidding

    Looks absolutely awful

  • Weedwacker

    This movie was quite good. Most of the negative comments I have read are from people who have not seen the movie but are bashing it based on nothing more than the trailer. Pretty lame.

  • I have heard all good things too. I wish they would send me a screener so I could watch it.

  • Leonard

    Very Very Good Movie and well done! Real Life Stuff that can happen!!

  • I know. It starts out slow but gets good.

  • Mocha882

    I have this movie on dvd and I cried the first time I seen it, and even though its a thriller its also very much a drama. Altogether this movie is 10/10 stars for me I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! P.S I watch it everyday!

  • Mocha882

    Also she did have on gloves but one of her gloves fell off while she was trying to light a cigarette.

  • I was not expecting the wolves. That was a great surprise.

  • I know. I recently saw the film.

  • Christine_938

    I saw the movie Thirst the night before which was intense….wofs eating dead people
    than the next night I watch the oposite of heat FROZEN which again wolfs were eating people this time live ones…..very scary….just thought the guy that jumped would have had a better chance if he too decided to do hand and hand across the chair lift cabel instead of jumping…..crazy guy….had to turn my head and turn the volume down a few times….you had to keep watching to see who the wolfs were going to eat next….just wish it ended differant …perhaps having the survior tell someone what happened.

  • Hotlady

    no butts were lit during while on the chairlift….she simple just dropped it which I have done before.
    you think she would have kept it in her pocket.
    Liked it when she pissed herself

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