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GAMBIT (2016): X-Men Spin-off To Be a Heist Film With Production in Spring 2016


Gambit To Become a Height Film. A lot of changes have been taking place for the upcoming X-Men spinoff Gambit, with Doug Liman possibly taking the reins to direct the film starring Channing Tatum. We now have some details on what kind of film Gambit will turn out to be.

Production was supposed to begin this fall for Gambit, but things went down south when Rupert Wyatt dropped out of the project. The status of the film was in jeopardy, until reports revealed that Doug Liman was in final talks to come onboard as director, which would be huge for a film that’s been doomed to fail.

Collider was able to bring in some more details during their chat with producer/writer Simon Kinberg. One update that the X-Men scribe offered to share was the fact that the film would be different in tone than the rest of the franchise. “Gambit will have its own different flavor and tone to it, will be more of like a heist movie and a sexy thriller in a way.” It certainly makes sense, since Gambit is a renowned thief. Plus, it worked out so well with Ant-Man when the film had a plot that centered on a heist. So a premise like this would fit in so well with the card-wielding mutant’s origin story.

One big detail that was given was the release date for Gambit since it was originally set for October 2016. With all these delays, Kinberg said he did expect production to start as early as spring. However, it looks like a late start in production may push the release towards 2017.

We have a director in and I don’t know if I’m allowed to say who it is yet because his deal isn’t done, but it’s somebody we’re excited about, and somebody I adore, and hopefully we can make an announcement soon about that. But we’ve been spending a lot of time together—Channing, [Reid Carolin, Tatum’s producing partner], [screenwriter Joshua Zetumer], the director, and myself—just working on the script, and we hope to start shooting next spring.

This doesn’t mean that the film can’t finish in time for the late 2016 release date, but based on how things are moving, it’s better for the studio to move the film to another date to give more time on production. What do you guys think of this?

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