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GHOSTBUSTERS: Channing Tatum May Bust Ghosts In Spin-off Film

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Channing Tatum May Star in Ghostbusters Movie. Another day, another Ghostbusters story surfaces. The Daily Beast has uncovered a series of emails revealing that Sony is planning a Ghostbusters spin-off film starring Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt. Hannah Minghella (co-president of production for Columbia Pictures) sent out an email to a team of Sony executives outlining Tatum’s plan which stated, “to star in a Ghostbusters spin-off film with Chris Pratt produced by the Russo brothers, who helmed Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

The email also states,

“So… in a curious turn of events – the Russos and Channing want to develop Ghostbusters as a vehicle for Channing and Chris Pratt to do together,” wrote Minghella. “The Russos, Channing and Reid have been brainstorming ideas and want to create a whole new mythology that would support multiple movies (the way that Nolan reinvented Batman). To be clear – the Russos want to produce (not direct) and while Channing and Chris are looking for a movie to do together they haven’t mentioned this to him yet because they weren’t sure how we’d react.”

Before we all get too excited about the news, it is important to keep in mind that the recent Sony hacks have provided us a window into the early stages of Ghostbuster’s creative development. During a blockbuster film’s gestation process, movie studio executives consistently find ways to suck the soul out of even the most sure-fire concepts. There is still plenty of time for focus testing to determine that Justin Bieber should replace Chris Pratt and that the runner up on The Voice season 3 should cover the Ghostbusters’s theme song.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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