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GOING PLACES: John Turturro To Reportedly Reprise Big Lebowski Role

John Turturro The Big Lebowski

John Turturro set to reprise one of his biggest roles in Going Places. The Exodus: Gods and Kings and Transformers series actor will reportedly play his classic Big Lebowski role Jesus Quintana in the film.

Since he first portrayed the flamboyant Hispanic bowler in 1998, Turturro has been inundated with fans clamoring for him to reprise the role. Heeding these requests, the actor made repeated overtures to Lebowski creators Joel and Ethan Coen to write the character into another of their projects but to no avail. Today’s news indicates that Turturro decided to take things into his own hands and incorporate Jesus into his planned remake of Going Places:

“If I can get the permission I need, I’d like to return to that role,” said Turturro in 2014. “I have an idea, I want to do like a sequel where Jesus gets out of jail and drives a school bus. They like that idea! Because the guys that drive school buses, they never check them out. And you can just see the Jesus [grinning, bobbing his head] drivin’ the school bus… The only reason I wanted to make—well, not a sequel, but a spin-off or something. Joel and Ethan don’t really want to do it, but if I can get them to approve my outline, which I think they liked… Anyway, the only reason I wanted to do it was so that people will stop asking me questions about The Big Lebowski. So I could just get it out and do it and finish it. Because people are obsessed with the movie and obsessed with that guy.”

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