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GOTHAM: Character TV Show Images from Season 2 Premiere [Fox]

Ben McKenzie Gotham

Fox‘s Gotham preview images of characters from second season premiere. New images, from Gotham’s sophomore launch, show familiar cast members – Ben McKenzieDavid Mazouz, Camren Bicondova,  Drew Powell, and Robin Lord Taylor – along with new season initiates James Frain, and Jessica Lucas, playing to their respective parts.

While nothing specific is indicated of what Bicondova’s Selina Kyle will be up to, it does seem that McKenzie’s Gordon character will still have inauspicious business with Taylor’s now quite comfortable Cobblepot, and Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) will be exploring a new… hobby.

We have already been made privy to what James Frain & Jessica Lucas – as siblings, Theo & Tabitha Galavan – will be up to; so their pics may well speak for themselves. Unlike Tabitha, however, who seems loosely based on DC comics’ original Tigress character, Theo appears to be an original creation. While Tabitha serves as his somewhat sadistic enforcer, Theo will be playing the part of public hero billionaire, with a villainous agenda to profit from engineered chaos. Think Brother Blood, from Arrow’s second season; but with Bruce being the inspired party (I imagine this is where he picks up the playboy, as public front, tact), instead of Oliver Queen.

Of course, it’s only fitting that this ensuing chaos fosters the birth/ rise of signature villains – that’s the by-line for the whole season.

Gotham second season images:

Camren Bicondova Gotham

Camren Bicondova’s “Cat” doing that feline stare. Y’know, the one that gets you rubbed, scratched, or both – but it’s all good….


David Mazouz Gotham

David Mazouz, however, has found a more productive outlet for Bruce Wayne’s youthful energies: spelunking. Tell your friends. We’re bringing it back.


James Frain Gotham

James Frain, as Theo Galavan, strikes the kind of debonair figure that Bruce may emulate, on day.


James Frain Gotham

The difference between Theo & the Bat? The bat doesn’t associate with guys wearing hockey pads.



On the other hand, he has been known to associate with bull-whip wielding women. This, however, may be as demure an image, of Jessica Lucas’ Tabitha Galavan, as we will likely get (fingers crossed).


Ben McKenzie Gotham

If Ben McKenzie’s Gordon seems ill-at-ease, in the lap of luxury…


Drew Powell Robin Lord Taylor Gotham

It’s likely because it also sits Robin Lord Taylor & Drew Powell, as the crime boss & enforcer duo of Cobblepot & Butch.


Robin Lord Taylor Gotham

A role Cobblepot is clearly getting a kick out of.


Ben McKenzie Gotham

The sort of thing likely to mean a lot of soul searching in the mirror, this season. It could just be the set up to a musical number… nah – not until a few seasons in… or one of Gotham’s mind controlling villains goes active… or fans just demand it (poke, poke).

Gotham also features Donal Logue, Sean Pertwee, Erin Richards, Morena Baccarin, Nicholas D’Agosto, Chris Chalk, and Michael Chiklis, and returns Monday, Sept. 21, at 8 pm EST, on Fox.

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