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Gotham City’s Podcast: The GOTHAM Podcast S1E9 – Harvey Dent

Nicholas D'Agasto Gotham Harvey Dent

Fox‘s Gotham Harvey Dent Review. Gotham City’s Podcast: The Gotham Podcast: Season 1, Episode 9: Harvey Dent is an audio review in which FilmBook contributor Mike Smith discusses his reaction to the latest episode of Fox’s Gotham.

Gotham: Season 1, Episode 9: Harvey Dent‘s plot synopsis (spoilers): “Following Selina “Cat” Kyle’s arrest and Barbara leaving Gotham to evade being targeted by the crime families, Gordon has Selina placed at Wayne Manor until the police can find the person that Selina has described to be the man who killed the Waynes. Bruce begins getting to know Selina, though she is reluctant to open up to him. During a prison transport from Blackgate Penitentiary to St. Mark Psychiatric Hospital, insane bomb maker Ian Hargrove (Leslie Odom, Jr.) is taken by the Russian mob who are working against Carmine Falcone following Nikolai’s death. James Gordon meets with Harvey Dent to find the identity of the man who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne. Dent tells Gordon that he suspects tycoon Dick Lovecraft may be behind the hit. Oswald Cobblepot starts to make contact with Liza. When Gordon and Bullock find Hargrove at an abandoned metal factory, they are ambushed by Russian mob thugs who make off with Ian. Manipulated by Fish Mooney, the new Russian boss Gregor Kasyanov (Steve Cirbus) and his crew targets Falcone’s cache of money, but are stopped as the police arrive. During a standoff, the Russians armored truck explodes via remote control by Butch Gilzean as the police get Ian into their custody. Oswald visits Liza at her apartment, telling her he knows that she is a spy for Fish and that Falcone would not like the news (“What would he do if I were to tell him that you’re spying on him for Fish Mooney?”) He says he won’t tell Falcone and tells her she’ll continue working for Fish. When Fish Mooney hears about what happened to Kasyanov’s group, she claims she only targeted Falcone’s money. At a press conference, Mayor James states that Arkham Asylum will be reopened to house the criminally insane, including Ian Hargrove. Later that night, Gordon leaves a message on Barbara’s phone, unaware that she has gone back to sleeping with Renee Montoya.”

Gotham: Season 1, Episode 9: Harvey Dent starred Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, Sean Pertwee, Robin Lord Taylor, David Mazouz, Zabryna Guevara, Camren Bicondova, Erin RichardsVictoria CartagenaAndrew Stewart-JonesJada Pinkett Smith, David Zayas, Richard Kind and Nicholas D’Agosto.

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