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Gotham City’s Podcast: The GOTHAM Podcast S1E17 – Red Hood

Ben McKenzie Donal Logue Gotham Red Hood

Fox‘s Gotham Red Hood Review. Gotham City’s Podcast: The Gotham Podcast: Season 1, Episode 17: Red Hood is an audio review in which FilmBook contributor Mike Smith discusses his reaction to the latest episode of Fox’s Gotham.

Gotham: Season 1, Episode 17: Red Hood‘s plot synopsis (spoilers): “A crew of bank robbers heists a bank, they throw some of stolen money into to crowd to ensure their escape. Gordon and Bullock track down a member named Gus Floyd (Michael Goldsmith) who called himself the Red Hood, but find him dead in the hideout. After another robbery led by Carl Destro (Jonny Coyne), who took the position of the Red Hood’s trademark mask, Gordon and Bullock track him to his house where they find him wounded. With information given by Destro, the police find and gun down the remainder of the gang in a shootout. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot struggles from Maroni’s actions against the restaurant, but Butch uses some cops on his payroll to seize Maroni’s supplies. Fish Mooney discovers that the facility she is kept in is run by the Dollmaker. When his manager (Jeffrey Combs) tries to take her eye for organ trade purposes, she removes it herself and destroys it before passing out. An old comrade of Alfred, Reginald Payne (David O’Hara), visits him in Wayne Manor and stays over night. On the next day, however, he steals some of Bruce Wayne’s files, stabs Alfred to evade capture and reports to Wayne Enterprises Board of Directors.”

Gotham: Season 1, Episode 17: Red Hood starred Ben McKenzie, Donal LogueZabryna Guevara, Robin Lord Taylor, David MazouzSean Pertwee, Jada Pinkett SmithJohn Doman, Camren Bicondova, and Cory Michael Smith.

Listen to Gotham City’s Podcast: The Gotham Podcast: Season 1, Episode 17: Red Hood below and leave your thoughts on it and the episode below in the comments section. For more Gotham photos, videos, and information, visit our Gotham page, our Gotham Google+ Page, subscribe to us by Email, “follow” us on Twitter, Tumblr, or “like” us on Facebook.

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