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GOTHAM: Fox TV Show Pilot Finds Director, Seeks Bruce Wayne

Gary Oldman Gus Lewis Batman Begins

Fox‘s Gotham series lands Pilot director, issues casting call for key characters. When Fox successfully bid for Gotham, a series set to follow Batman character Jim Gordon’s early career, starting as a Gotham P.D. rookie, the treatment already had Bruno Heller (The Mentalist) attached as head of development (previously mentioned here). Now, it has been confirmed that Danny Cannon will both direct and executive produce the pilot.

Cannon’s current executive producer credit, for The CW‘s Tomorrow People, has left me cold. His previous pilot director-executive producer work for CSI (franchise wide), however, added to Fox and Bruno Heller’s more mature demo targeting, leaves me feeling better about the Gotham pilot’s prospects.

The evolution of Jim Gordon, for the ongoing series, will run parallel to the development/ origins of familiar Gotham villains. For the pilot, however, the creators may have Gotham’s most famous name in mind, regarding how Jim Gordon cuts his teeth on the force. A casting call has gone out, for Gotham series regulars, that includes candidates to play a young Bruce Wayne.

Gary Oldman, Gus Lewis Batman Begins

Gary Oldman and Gus Lewis, Batman Begins

The current scenario for the Gotham pilot, which has the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne as Gordon’s first case, suggests the series will be more in line with the events of Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy, rather than Frank Miller‘s Batman: Year One comic. In Miller’s work, Gordon and a full grown Bruce Wayne arrived in Gotham at the same moment; the rise of the Batman becoming Gordon’s first big case. Gotham seems aimed at filling in some detail between Gordon’s first meeting with newly orphaned Bruce Wayne, and Bruce’s eventual return to Gotham as an adult. This leaves open the possibility of a re-occurring mentoring role, for Gordon, in Bruce’s development.

While it remains clear that Warner Bros. still intends to get as many miles out of Nolan’s Batman as it can, I have to wonder if this counts as a point of reference, for Gotham, or if the series will evolve (incidentally or deliberately) into semi-prequel to Nolan’s trilogy. Will we be privy to the evolution of Nolan’s Dr. Crane, Carmine Falcone, or the early efforts of The League of Shadows to undermine Gotham, for instance. The absence of Batman does free Gotham‘s creative team to explore a more expansive setting, providing the series with a lot of potential.

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Sources: Deadline, TVShowAuditions

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