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GOTHAM: Panel Discussion on Season Three and Q&A [Fox, NYCC 2016]

Gotham Season Three Panel NYCC 2016

Gotham Panel Goes Deep Into the Third Season with Cast

New York Comic Con embraced the madness of Gotham as the Fox hit series hosted a panel at the Main Stage. The crowd welcomed cast members David Mazouz, Robin Lord Taylor, and Erin Richards. The cast spoke a bit about what their characters will be up to during the third season. They also got to reflect their time on the show so far and their character’s journey in the last two years of the series.

One of the biggest developments coming off the new season is Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin running for mayor. According to Taylor, having Penguin run for mayor is quite convenient as Americans are about to elect their new president this year. Fans even chanted “Oswald for President!” when a person from the crowd jokingly considered having the character run for president. “At this point… Penguin looks pretty freaking good for that office,” Taylor replied to an energetic fan. “The Gotham writers may be writing a better reality than we are faced with.”

Gotham Season Three Panel NYCC 2016

Taylor got to talk about how Penguin would transform himself to please the public. He also mentioned how the storyline is reflective to modern times. “Our story is like any comic book and it is designed to look like the world we live in. Comics are written with the social climate in mind and our show is reflecting that.” He even finds it surreal at times on how Gotham has matched what is going on with us in a political landscape. Taylor added that the writers felt inspired by what’s happening with Donald Trump and wanted to change Penguin’s journey this season. “And so from there one of the writers said that they were somewhat inspired by that and that going forward with what Penguin went through so he has to make a move to legitimize himself in Season 3 and what better way to run for mayor.”

The panel also went into the big mystery of the Indian Hill escapees, especially Bruce Wayne’s clone. Mazouz informed about the two characters’ envy for each other. “The clone we still dont know much about him; he was born in a lab and he sees a kid looking exactly like him with all that stuff. All he knows is lab coats and experiments and now he sees Alfred, Selina, and a big house and he wants that.” Speaking of Selina, David revealed that Dopple-Bruce will come between her and Bruce when he tries to take his life. “There will be a jealous conflict in the next episode,” he shared. “For two years Bruce has wanted to do more with Selina but hasnt had the balls to make a move and make it happen. The clone isn’t as incumbered by that. So we see he took the car and he may be going to make that move.”

One of the popular team-ups that Gotham put together was the partnership between Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot. Taylor reflected on their relationship and if both of them influence each other. “I think Edward makes Oswald a stronger person. Edward is very intellectual and pragmatic. Edward is in his head and Oswald is in his heart. You aren’t going to teach Ed about feelings and that isn’t what Oswald is there for.”

Erin Richards got to talk a bit about Barbara Kean’s journey and where she’s going this season. “She has such high hopes for her and Tabitha. She has this new found power with Sirens and Penguin in the underworld. So she is seeing the rise within herself. So it is fun to me to play this character.” She also added that Barbara ends up needing Tabitha more than she needs her. “The thing about Tabitha is that Babs needs her cause she is crazy. She is the face of the Sirens but Tabitha is the muscle. Later in the season there is a risk that she is going to lose Tabitha and so Barbara goes all guns blazing to get her back.”

Taylor also got to reminisce on Oswald’s cycle from being a criminal into a legitimized version of himself. “The Story of Oswald is the story of someone who has always been cast aside and been treated less than human. When you saw him come out of Arkham as a changed person, that is really who he is underneath this scar tissue. Going forward into the election he really does want the adoration and respect of the people.”

During the Q&A portion, Taylor was asked about getting through all of Penguin’s transformations. He said that he admired the work that the writers have done for his character and giving him more of a voice. Someone asked Richards about her transformation and the possibility of Barbara and Jim rekindling their romance. “If we are happening to hope for a rekindling between Jim and Barbara then maybe that is an interesting twist that all she has done is gone crazy and beat people up and maybe that killing was something else.”

Gotham Season Three Panel NYCC 2016

One of the biggest questions from the audience was regarding the identity of Bruce’s clone as fans shouted out their theories. Mazouz couldn’t reveal much, but said that this version won’t be from the comics, but it will be a mix of other theories. Mazooz also addressed that he would be on board with Oliver Queen making an appearance on the show. He also jokingly said The Flash is welcome to come to the show since he can time travel. For inspiration, Mazouz says he looks at Christian Bale as a preference to his version of the character.

Taylor answered a question about getting to work with Paul Reubens, who played his father on the show. After working with Carol Kane, she introduced him to Reubens and wanted to work with him. Taylor reflected on working with him on his last scene, which was also the day his own father died. “So that scene where Paul died, my actual dad died and we kept shooting that day anyways,” he said. “So I was acting my actual reality…and it was a strange confluence of events where your reality is what your character is going through. There were some scenes that was actually happening in my real life. It was my favorite and will always be my favorite episode.”

The cast shared some details on what we can expect this season, including some interactions with certain characters. Mazouz and Taylor revealed that they will be sharing a scene together for the first time. Mazouz added that he’s excited to share scenes with the new Poison Ivy, played by Maggie Geha. Erin also revealed that she’s excited to be sharing scenes with Nygma.

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