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GOTHAM: The Graysons May Appear Later in the Future

The Graysons

A Possible Appearance of The Graysons in Gotham. Fox’s Gotham has introduced many characters from the Batman mythos, and we might see a certain couple who are parents to future sidekick Robin. Ben McKenzie, who plays Det. Jim Gordon, teased that the Graysons may appear on the show.

According to the Daily Beast, Ben McKenzie spoke with the outlet about what’s coming up for Jim Gordon and other characters appearing this season, including the possible appearance of the Graysons and maybe the Boy Wonder himself. “The Grayson’s may appear this season,” the actor told the publication. “I’m not 100 percent sure yet, but I think so.”

In the comics, Dick Grayson came from a family of acrobats who were known as the Flying Graysons. Dick watched his parents die at the hands of the Mafia to extort money from the circus where they worked. Batman later took the young boy in, raised him as his own, and later recruited him in his fight against crime as his sidekick Robin. Dick also became known as Nightwing later on in his career as a superhero. The Graysons was last conceived as a possible series for The CW back in 2008 but wasn’t picked up due to the current direction of the Batman franchise.

So it seems that we may see the Graysons in the near future, but maybe not this season. It’s safe to assume that Ben is talking about an appearance of Dick Grayson’s parents. However, who’s to say that Dick Grayson might also appear on the show if Gotham plans on changing the continuity? So what do you guys think of having the Graysons visit Gotham?

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