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GREEN LANTERN, CARS 2, BAD TEACHER: Different Viewpoints, Quality, Performance

Cameron Diaz, Kaitlyn Dever, Bad Teacher, 2011

The differing viewpoints on the quality and performance of Green Lantern, Cars 2, Bad Teacher are discussed by Sami Jarroush of FilmFan in his most recent video. Jarroush discusses Green Lantern briefly then delves into Pixar’s Cars 2, and then moves onto Bad Teacher. Jarroush does not give just his brief opinion but looks at the responses the films have garnered from sites like Rotten Tomatoes, Twitter, and other sites film critic impressions and reviews can be found.

Regarding Green Lantern, Jarroush found that X-Men: First Class was better than Green Lantern and I whole-heartedly agree. You can find all of our thoughts on that X-Men film here: Film Review: X-Men: First Class (2011).

Giving Green Lantern a clap for the money it has brought in is exactly what I would have done in Jarroush’s shoes since the best parts of the film involve its expensive CGI, including its engaging beginning, a large majority of which is showcased here: Green Lantern (2011): Wonder-Con Footage. The human element, however, fell flat on its recipe-ladened face.

Next Jarroush discusses Cars 2. I never saw the original Cars because it was a children’s film (I have no children) and I have no plans on seeing Cars 2. Jarroush brings up that even if parents feel the same they will see Cars 2 for one undeniable reason: their children. Jarroush also points how the Pixar big-wigs have trumpeted their efforts with the animation-side of Cars 2 while Pixar fans lambast the film for lacking the heart and soul of previously Pixar films like Up.

Finally, Bad Teacher is brought up in the video. This film always seemed like Bad Santa-lite to me and Jarroush brings up the point that this is supposed to be a career-reviving vehicle for Cameron Diaz. The reactions to the film seem to be split, so the film is probably a mixture of good plot points and bad plot points. He also brings up the hash tag for the film: #badteacher and the hilarious #badbadteacher hash tag, which is up-to-the-minute sex/teacher scandals (lol). Loved that.

Watch Sami Jarroush discuss Green Lantern, Cars 2, and Bad Teacher at FilmFan below and leave your thoughts. Have you seen Green Lantern? What did you think of it? What about Cars 2Bad Teacher has a built-in audience but are you going to see it in theater or wait for it on DVD/Blu-ray/?

<br /><a href=";src=v5:embed::&#038;fg=sharenoembed" target="_new"title="FilmFan:'Cars 2' and 'Bad Teacher'">Video: FilmFan:&#8217;Cars 2&#8242; and &#8216;Bad Teacher&#8217;</a>

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