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TBS orders The Guest Book and Tarantula to series, and a pilot for World’s End. TBS executive vice president of programming, Brett Weitz, stated that each of these projects will help to define the “new direction we’ve been taking the TBS brand.”

Coming to TBS in 2017, The Guest Book will air as a ten-episode anthology series set in a small mountain town whose residents all live in cabins. This single-camera comedy is written by Greg Garcia, who will also executive produce. The series will depict a unique story each episode, inspired by the wacky tales Garcia likes to dream up when he himself vacations in mountain cabins. A stable cast of townies will populate the show, while the main storylines will revolve around new renters who appear in each episode.

Tarantula is the nickname of the Tierra Chula Resident Hotel, the setting of TBS’s newest animated half-hour comedy. Written by Carson Mell, this series depicts the adventures of unlicensed tattoo artist Echo Johnson, who narrates the show with stories of the residents’ constant hotel-related mischief and adventures. Tarantulas will hit TBS in 2017.

Although The Guest Book and Tarantula have been ordered to series, World’s End has only been ordered as a pilot. Somewhat darker than the other two additions, World’s End takes place in a mental institution. English teacher Henry Mueller (Hamish Linklater) is committed to the institution after a breakdown, and once there he begins to feel sane- sane enough to lead the other inmates in a revolt against the people in charge, like Louise Baldwin (Wanda Sykes). World’s End is written by Jonathan Ames, and it has no premiere date at this point.

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