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HALLOWEEN 6: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS To Finally Get Standalone Producer’s Cut

Halloween 6 Gets Standalone Release

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers Will Actually, Finally Receive a Standalone Edition of the Infamous Producer’s Cut.

Halloween (1978) is a movie that informed most of my horror taste. It’s right up there with playing hide-and-seek as a 5 year old, looking into my backyard at night, or exchanging scary stories with friends at sleepovers. It provides an innate catharsis, adrenaline, and taps into that mystery and darkness I cherish so much. Simple scenes, like Dr. Loomis and the Sheriff speaking to each other in hushed tones about the boogeyman. Standing on the autumn-leaf strewn sidewalks of Haddonfield, talking about evil. “The blackest eyes”. Those things provide a beautiful warm feeling in my heart. There is a wealth of horror purity in watching Halloween as a child.

As most you did whilst growing up, I sought out as many films as I possibly could. Halloween inducted my brain and heart into the extensive horror phase we all enter, and I decided to become a lifelong student (surprise). I saw a lot of garbage, a lot wonderful things, but Halloween always remained a horror film I cherished dearly (alongside PsychoThe ExorcistThe Blair Witch Project, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre). The franchise is long, and I obviously needed to consume all of it. Most of them weren’t very good (4 & 5 are alright, H:20 was solid for the time, Halloween 8 is an abomination). There was always that one entry, though – Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers – that confounded me. In one way, it was a tonal mess, jumbled in all the wrong places, incoherent. But in another way…it had a foreboding presence. It seemed like the most intense, serious, modern version of Michael Myers, and the realistic murder and occult elements found within it rumbled beneath the surface and appealed to me strongly. It was always apparent to me that Halloween 6 was close to being a really strong Halloween film. That cover alone scared me, and had a strange power over me.

As soon as the internet was available to me (1998), I proved my hunch right. Thank god I could finally research important things like this. Supposedly, Halloween 6 fell victim to the “too many cooks syndrome”, but harsher than usual. Executives had their hands in the script, producers meddled with the director on a regular basis, storylines changed and were swapped out or condensed or eliminated – a massive, hollywood production shit-storm. The infamous “Producer’s Cut” is the one version that survived all this. An assembled cut that mimics what was meant to be. It was passed around horror conventions, coveted like the shroud of Turin. This was the one cut that wasn’t tampered with. The one cut that was as close as possible to the original vision and intention of the creative forces behind the film. This cut was included in last year’s very expensive box-set none of us can afford. This is the cut I’ve only ever seen burned onto a CD-R in horribly CAM-like quality on an even worse TV in the early 2000s, and swore off ever seeing again in quality such as a 695mb-sized file.

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that we are getting a $9.99 standalone blu-ray of the film on September 15, 2015. I’m delighted, joyful, and feel like I can finally rest now. All is well in the world. This is one of those moments where we win. I wanted this when I was a little boy, and now it’s here. And they’re selling it for $10. That’s victory. I’m going to celebrate this by beginning a re-watch of the series as soon as the sun sets.

This video should explain the conditions and the situation the creators found themselves in (surprise, surprise, the Weinsteins were involved in the meddling):

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