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HARRY POTTER: David Yates Calls the Harry Potter Spin-Off ‘Very Special’

J K Rowling

David Yates believes the Harry Potter spin-off will be ‘very special’ and ‘great’. The newly announced story expanding upon the Harry Potter world will fortunately include some truly magical ideas according to the director of the last four films of the popular film franchise

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them so far existed only as a book that served more as an encyclopaedia for the Harry Potter universe rather than an actual story. J. K. Rowling will now be making her script-writing debut by writing a feature film of the same title. The main character will be the fictional author of the book who goes by the name of Newt Scamander. The story will start 70 years before the birth of Harry Potter and it will take place in New York. So far this is the only available information about this mysterious and euphorically exciting project and for good reasons. J. K. Rowling has managed to enchant us through her plot twists with each new book in her legendary series. She will most definitely prepare a new set of ‘great’ heart-lifting surprises for us. As it is the case with every Harry Potter story, it is highly unlikely that this one will get spoiled in any serious way before its release on the big screen.

David Yates is of the opinion that if J. K. Rowling has committed herself to a project, it means that it will be just as extraordinary as anything she has ever done before. Even if his professional opinion didn’t see the light of day, the expectations for this new film should be very high. After all, the amount of care, dedication, originality, and detail that Rowling invested in the magical world of Harry Potter was phenomenal. She did it flawlessly seven times. Maybe Harry’s journey is over but Newt’s story is still a part of Harry’s world. Expectations are that Rowling will devote the very same level and amount of quality, professional hard work in her newest fantasy tale. She is in full control here and no script-writer will be able to alter her fiction in any way. Perhaps we are about to see the most incredible adventure in the Harry Potter universe, even if oddly enough Harry himself is not in it.

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