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Hawkman Appearing on ARROW and THE FLASH; New Info on Jay Garrick [The CW]


Arrow and The Flash to Introduce Hawkman and New Details on Jay Garrick. Before reuniting with Hawkgirl on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Hackman will make his first appearance on both Arrow and The Flash. We also have some juicy details on Jay Garrick’s role on The Flash.

According to EW, Carter Hall will be showing up on Arrow and The Flash before heading over to the spinoff Legends of Tomorrow. There have been no other details on what kind of role Hawkman will have on either series. But, as both series will set up the events for the spinoff, we can expect this to happen. This version of Hawkman is described as charming and wise beyond his years, he is a natural-born leader with much confidence and he happens to be 5,000 years old. EW also mentions that Carter retains all his memories from his past life every time he is reincarnated, but his spouse Hawkgirl/Kendra Saunders doesn’t. What do you guys think of Hawkman coming to Arrow and The Flash?

It should be good to see how this turns out, but moving into The Flash, star Danielle Panabaker revealed some details on what role Jay Garrick will play when he comes to Central City. “[He’s] going to have an impact on everybody on Team Flash. He’s going to be a very cool mentor to Barry and he’s going to help Barry expand his powers and the things that he’s capable of doing.” So it looks like Garrick will be filling in as a mentor to Barry after what happened to Wells in season one. It’s going to be interesting to see the chemistry between Garrick and Barry, but will it come close to what Barry had with Wells? We shall soon see during season two this fall. What do you guys think?

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