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HOUSE OF CARDS: Netflix Wants Gerard Depardieu for French Version

Netflix is Courting Gerard Depardieu for French House Of Cards. The somewhat successful on-demand platform Netflix is rumored to have been courting actor Gerard Depardieu for the French version of Kevin Spacey‘s American president in House of Cards.

These rumblings of who will be cast have stemmed from Radio Europe1. The operations chief for Netflix in Europe countered that these have come from a “pure rumour mill” and that nothing is official. Of course, this could be a simple formality, maintaining an official discretion and keeping quiet until contracts are signed.

However, Depardieu is certainly one of the most popular actors in France, and has the right build and gravitas to fit the role perfectly. We’ll see what comes of this. Until then, House of Cards is on Netflix, for your pleasure.

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Source: Deadline, IMDb.

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