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HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER: Season 2, Episode 15: Anna Mae Trailer [ABC]

Alfred Enoch Aja Naomi King Conrad Ricamora Jack Falahee Karla Souza Matt McGorry How To Get Away With Murder

How To Get Away With Murder Anna Mae Promo. ABC‘s How To Get Away With Murder: Season 2, Episode 15: Anna Mae TV show trailer stars Viola Davis and Alfred Enoch. The season is set to end on a bang.

How To Get Away With Murder: Season 2 plot synopsis:

The brilliant, charismatic and seductive Professor Annalise Keating gets entangled with four law students from her class “How to Get Away with Murder.” Little do they know that they will have to apply what they learned to real life, in this masterful, sexy, suspense-driven legal thriller.

A few weeks have passed since Wes shot Annalise. Wes and The Keating 5 deal with the fallout from that night, as Annalise is faced with a complicated road to recovery.

The episode will feature Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch, Billy Brown, Jack Falahee, Aja Naomi King, Matt McGorry, Karla Souza, Charlie Weber, Liza Weil, and Jefferson White.

The trailer begins with Annalise asking her mother “Don’t you ever feel like it’s all too hard?” before the narrator tells us of a countdown to the season finale. We then see Michaela ask Asher if they’re going to “do this again” to which he replies affirmatively as they embrace. The voiceover goes on to promise the episode will expose three backstabbers, add two bodies to the show’s already impressive count, and finish on one “bloody good ender”. The trailer ends with Bonnie telling Frank not to do anything stupid.

Watch How To Get Away With Murder: Season 2, Episode 15: Anna Mae TV show trailer (via Imdb, Abc) and leave your thoughts on it below in the comments section. For more TV show trailers, visit our TV Show Trailer Page, our TV Show Trailer Google+, and consider subscribing to us by Email, “following” us on Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ or “liking” us on Facebook for quick updates. How To Get Away With Murder: Season 2, Episode 15: Anna Mae will air on ABC on March 17th, 2016.

How To Get Away With Murder Anna Mae Trailer

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