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Is Warner Bros. Making a LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES Film?

Legion of Super-Heroes

Warner Bros. Looking to Develop Legion of Super-Heroes. With the DC Cinematic Universe taking shape in the next couple of years, Warner Bros. may be looking to expand it even further. A new rumor from Latino-Review says that the WB wants to develop a film based on the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The Latino-Review gave word that WB Studio has given this assignment to writers in order to see what pitches they come up with for the film. If the rumor is true, then DC may have found their answer to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Plus, the interest in space movies have increased since the latest Marvel film came out and grossed over $300 million in the domestic box office.

The Legion of Super-Heroes were first introduced in 1958 as a team of superpowered teens from the 30th Century. The team’s roster included Lightning Rad, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Chameleon Girl, Earth Man, and many others. Superman was also associated with the team, so maybe there’s a chance that the Man of Steel himself will make an appearance in the future film.

Between 2016 to 2020, Warner Bros. stated that nine films would be released in that time frame relating to the DC Cinematic Universe. So if the rumor is true, then that would mean there is five films we know are getting made that includes films on the Justice League, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Shazam.

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