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JAMES BOND 24: Spy Film Gets 2015 Release Date

Bond 24

The 24th James Bond Film Gets a Release Date. The eagerly awaited follow up to 2012’s Skyfall (Bond 23) has now been given a release date. The film will begin shooting on December 6th and is in line for a release on the 6th of November 2015 (if everything works out according to plan).

Skyfall achieved huge commercial and critical success upon release. Becoming only the fourteenth film (at the time), and the first Bond film to gross over 1 Billion dollars. It also earned two Academy Awards, two Grammy Awards, 2 BAFTA’s and a number of other honours.

So far details of the new movie are scarce to say the least. Though, numerous rumours are being thrown around the internet. According to Bond news website MI6-hq, the film is currently on the lookout for a tall, athletic villain (in the same vain as ‘Jaws’-from Moonraker [1979]).

There have also been several Scandinavian women linked to the project as potential ‘Bond Girls’. Including, Norwegian star Synnove Macody Lund and Swedish dancer Isabel Edvardsson. Possible locations for 007’s latest adventures include: Austria, Morocco and India.

The time gap between Skyfall and the, as yet, un-named follow-up are down to the availability of director Sam Mendes. After all how can you not employ someone who just made you a billion dollars?

In other Bond news, Hoyte Van Hoytem, the cinematographer for 2014’s highly anticipated Interstellar has been given the nod to be Mendes’s Director of photography for Bond 24. Van Hoytem’s Scandinavian roots are arguably another indication of the path Mendes plans to tread whilst filming this next chapter of the Bond franchise, with a particular amount of focus being given to that area of Europe.

Most of the cast are expected to return for the new installment. Including, Ralph Fiennes as M, Naomie Harris as MoneyPenny, and Ben Wishaw as Q.

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Source: Yahoo!, MI6-hq, Yahoo!, Metro

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