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JAWS (1975): Plunge Into The Deep End With This Re-Release

Jaws Will Receive 40th Anniversary Re-Release This Summer. The preeminent summer blockbuster and Steven Spielberg‘s first true masterpiece will experience a re-release across the United States this June. The 40th anniversary is a prime occasion to re-experience this film in theatres, and try to contextualize a time before Star Wars, before the ‘summer blockbuster’ was a thing.

The 1970s were a decade full of directorial control and studios taking chances on filmmakers and topics deemed to avant-garde for the 50s and 60s. Reality was full of war, drugs, and corruption, and Spielberg hit the right nerve at the right time. People wanted to escape this truth, and wanted to flock inside an air-conditioned auditorium to experience something outside themselves. Jaws became a sensation, and gave people a thrilling ride that released some stress and exhilarated the masses.

If you haven’t seen Jaws in a while or if you’d like to show it to someone special for their first time, now is the time to strike. Tickets go on sale today (!) for the limited engagement beginning on June 21st and ending on June 24th. Get your tickets here!

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