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JESSICA JONES: Krysten Ritter Talks Season Two and THE DEFENDERS [Netflix]

Krysten Ritter Jessica Jones

Krysten Ritter Discusses Jessica Jones Season Two and The Defenders. There’s still no word on a second season pickup of Netflix’s newest series Jessica Jones, but that hasn’t stopped actress Krysten Ritter from staying optimistic on its chances for a renewal.

So will we be seeing Jessica Jones in a second season before teaming up with the other heroes of Hell’s Kitchen? It is definitely something that fans want to know, if only Krysten Ritter can share some details. “It’s such a tricky thing. I’m not supposed to talk about that,” the actress told THR when asked about a possible second season. “But I think there is lots of story left to tell with Jessica and I really love playing the character. I would love to throw on her boots and leather jacket anytime.”

At least season two is being discussed for the female superhero drama, even though Daredevil got picked up for another season after less than two weeks in and Luke Cage about to release soon. Even if there’s a chance that Jessica Jones won’t get a second season, at least we will be seeing her again in The Defenders down the road. So how does Jessica Jones fit into this team-up? Here’s what Krysten Ritter thought on this.

Marvel and Netflix have proven they know what they’re doing. But it will be interesting to see how Jessica Jones fits in with those other guys because she doesn’t want to be a superhero. She doesn’t want anything to do with that. I have no idea how she’s going to be forced to team up with all of them. […] She has these powers and this innate goodness in her whether she likes it or not. So she’ll be a really valuable asset to the team. She has super strength. She can fly. Those things come in handy. (Laughs.)

Do you want to see Jessica Jones for a second round, or are you ok with waiting for her to suit up in The Defenders?

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