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Jessica Pare’s “bouncing” Hot Tub Time Machine TV Spot

Jessica Pare‘s restricted, bouncing, Hot Tub Time Machine TV Spot is hedonistic advertising genius – appealing to the lowest common denominator in men. The litany of online movie magazines being read off lauding Hot Tub Time Machine as Jessica Pare goes up and down in the hot tub is priceless and um…ahem…never mind. Its almost as if this commercial is in gratitude for all the praise the online film magazines are giving Hot Tub Time Machine and she is giving them all a thank frak in response.

Do you think producers actually sat down and planned out these commercials? It looks to me like they shot this sequence during filming of a particular scene where the guys are back in the 80’s with such a TV Spot in mind. What that meeting must have been like: “Jessica, would you mind simulating something for the sake of advertising and promoting this film?” “Simulate what?” They tell her. “Um, sure okay, what the hell.”

If you have seen the Hot Tub Time Machine Red Band Movie Trailer and our other Jessica Pare Hot Tub Time Machine coverage, you have a pretty good idea what the film is about and that it is going to do very well. Even David Letterman thinks the film has a cool concept. Maybe even The Hangover money. It opens tomorrow, March 26, 2010, so we will see.

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