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JOHNNIE COCHRAN: Anthony Mackie To Play Famed Attorney

Anthony Mackie

Anthony Mackie is ready to play Johnnie Cochran in a biopic. The Avengers and Hurt Locker actor will portray the late defense attorney who was most known for representing O.J. Simpson.

Cochran will not be the first historical personality Mackie has portrayed in film or TV. Just this year, he appeared as Martin Luther King, Jr. in the HBO TV film All The Way, starring Bryan Cranston as Lyndon B. Johnson. Outside of historical productions, Mackie has recently acted in Our Brand is Crisis, Meet The Coopers, The Night Before, and Triple 9, although his biggest recent appearance was in Captain America: Civil War, where he once again reprised his Marvel Cinematic Universe role as Sam Wilson/Falcon:
Although his name has become synonymous with the landmark O.J. Simpson murder trial in the mid 1990s, the Johnnie Cochran biopic will look back further, focusing on the 1983 Ron Settles case. Ron Settles was a 21 year old African American running back at California State University when he was arrested for speeding by California’s Signal Hill Police Department. The morning following his arrest, Ron Settles was found dead in his jail cell, beaten and hanged. Although the police claimed Settles’ death was a suicide, evidence to the contrary led to a civil suit against the Signal Hill PD. While no one was ultimately prosecuted, Settles’ family was awarded a $760,000 settlement.

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