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Jan 24, 2013

JUSTICE LEAGUE (2015): The 5 Core Team Members Have Been Revealed

Justice League

Justice League Team Members Revealed. The Justice League team members for the upcoming 2015 comic book movie have been revealed. The core team should be of no surprise to people following the development of film or who know of the demographic of the team in the first place. Most core team members consist of the older characters from the DC Comics universe.

The core members of the Warner Bros.’ Justice League team are:

1) Superman

2) Batman

3) Green Lantern

4) Wonder Woman

5) The Flash

These are not the only superheroes that may be featured in the film. There are “a few possibilities for appearances from some second-string Justice Leaguers: Apparently Martian Manhunter and Aquaman might also pop up, with the “weakest possibility” for a cameo going to Hawkman.” I personally believe that they should develop the characters in separate films before throwing them all on screen for a money grab (written about here: Is Greed Good?: Marvel’s MO, DC’s Justice League: Strategies and Money) but that is just me.

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Source: Comicbookmovie, Imdb, Latinoreview

  • Anthony G. Laplume

    This core also helps serve heavy contrasts with the Avengers, and that may be the key to differentiating the two franchises for the general public. All of them have now been featured in a TV series or movie, regardless of how well known The Flash or how old Wonder Woman was. With two key members (Superman and Batman) now several decades into several memorable film incarnations that have never met, that alone helps make this movie an event, and as always throwing even one more (Wonder Woman) into the mix makes it that much more interesting. Where the members who are’t already known, or respected (Green Lantern), for carrying their own movies, if Justice League comes out first it gives them a chance to establish themselves. With the Avengers, these members (Black Widow, Hawkeye) were second stringers with no powers and no immediate draw. These guys all have the same amount of intrigue. It’s just a matter of positioning them.