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JUSTICE LEAGUE: GODS AND MONSTERS CHRONICLES: First Episode of Animated Short Releases

Batman Harley Quinn Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles Episode 1

First Episode of Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles. The long wait is over for Bruce Timm’s alternate DC Universe as Machinima’s new animated short series Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles releases it’s first episode featuring Batman and Harley Quinn.

In this video, we see a new take on the Dark Knight as scientist Kirk Langstrom takes the mantle and is incorporated with his Man-Bat alter ego in the original universe. Batman faces off against a deranged Harley Quinn, who seems more evil than we’ve seen her before as she takes her victims and makes her own dollhouse using their bodies.

Talking with CBR, Bruce Timm explained that the series and the upcoming animated movie will show a different Batman and a crazier version of Harley Quinn. “There’s no hard and fast rules about how far to take these characters, or how far not to take them,” Timm said. He also added:

Some of the characters, like Harley, are not that completely different from their traditional counterparts, except this one’s a homicidal maniac… But what would make this really different from traditional Batman and traditional Harley? We said, ‘Well, if this Harley is a really twisted, extreme serial-killer version of Harley, then all bets are off.’

Check out the video and let us know what you think. The film comes out on DVD, Blu-ray, and download on July 28.

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