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KIDNAP (2017): Movie Trailer: Halle Berry Races To Save Her Son

Halle Berry Kidnap

Kidnap Trailer

The third movie trailer for Kidnap (2017) from Aviron Pictures. The film is only a month away from being released, but the latest trailer for it doesn’t inspire confidence. Starring Halle Berry, the movie casts her as a single mother whose child has been kidnapped by dangerous men. When the police prove too slow to get her son back before harm comes to him, she sets out on a high-speed chase to save him and punish those who are holding him hostage.

As you might have noticed, the story bears more than a passing resemblance to Taken, and the trailer itself seems to try and exploit this connection, with Berry getting in a speech she makes to the kidnappers vowing to come for them no matter how far she has to go. Of course, it’s more cheesy than threatening and the fact that they deliberately imitated part of a film that’s sub-par in its own right feels more uninspired than anything.

Not only that but a voiceover appears out of nowhere in the middle of the trailer to announce Halle Berry’s presence in the film even as text on screen displays her name. Yet upon saying this, the voiceover isn’t heard from again until the very end where they inform us of the movie’s release date. If the trailer is anything go by, Kidnap is going to be a real schlockfest.

Luis Prieto‘s Kidnap (2017) also stars Dana Gourer, Christopher Berry, Sage Correa, Hugh Bonneville, Lew Temple, Malea Rose, Didi Costine, Ritchie Montgomery, Kurt Krause, Robert Walker Branchaud, Chriss McGinn, Justin Lebrun, Kristin McKenzie Rice, Meghan Wolfe, and Claire McReynolds.

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Kidnap Trailer

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