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KRAMPUS (2015) Movie Images: Adam Scott Discovers Mythical Creature

Krampus Movie Images Released

Krampus Movie Images Have Been Released. Michael Dougherty’s new horror film is coming out this year, which is cause for celebration. His directorial debut, Trick ‘R Treat (2007), was a welcome throwback to anthology films of old, and felt like a labor of love from somebody who grew up staying awake to watch horror films. His newest, latest film, is thankfully still a scary genre movie, but it seems like something quite different than anything we’ve seen before.

As our previous article regarding the film explained, the legend of Krampus is something you can either read up on  or have Christoph Waltz explain to you (I’d go with the latter). The article I’m referring to is worth checking out as it contains the beautiful, classic-horror style one-sheet worth taking a look.

In any case, we’ve now been tricked and treated to a batch of new movie stills, which feature none other than Allison TolmanAdam Scott, and Toni Collette. Take a look!

Krampus Movie Images





I particularly like the second and third stills, as they present a very mythical, fairy-tale-esque sense of wonder and fear, which this film, in particular, needs to have in spades.

According to Slashfilm, “Dougherty based his version of Krampus on old illustrations of the character, where he is typically portrayed with horns and hooves. In terms of the monster’s personality, Dougherty envisions Krampus as less evil (‘He’s more complex and nuanced than that’) than mischievous:

He’s not Freddy (A Nightmare on Elm Street) or Jason (Friday the 13th) or Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), this unstoppable monster that kicks down your door and rampages and grabs you. If you study the myth, there’s something darkly playful about him. He’s having a good time doing what he does and he enjoys the cat-and-mouse aspect of it.

Though Krampus puts a horror-movie spin on the usual Christmas tropes, Dougherty explains, it taps into some of the same emotional aspects as other holiday classics:

A Christmas Carol and It’s A Wonderful Life are kind of nightmares that show you these broken characters who experience a darker side of divine intervention. They need to be scared straight. So it was important to elevate it. If you do a horror film without an emotional core, you don’t really have much.

I’m very much looking forward to this movie, with every passing news item. Here’s to promising horror.

Leave your thoughts on the Krampus movie images of Adam Scott, Allison Tolman, and Toni Collette below in the comments section. For more Krampus news and developments, visit our Krampus Page, subscribe to us by Email, “follow” us on Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ or “like” us on Facebook for quick updates. Krampus will be released in U.S. theaters on December 4, 2015.

Sources: Slashfilm

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