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KRYPTON: Character List Includes Superman and Zod’s Ancestors [Syfy]

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Character List Revealed for Syfy’s Superman Prequel Krypton. With Syfy going ahead with David S. Goyer’s Superman prequel series Krypton, we finally have an idea of the lead characters who will take part in this time period. The names include some from the House of El and ties to Zod.

DC’s next television project will be going deep into the world of Krypton, which we all know of it’s impending doom that helps shape Superman into the man he is now. With the success of Gotham and the positive response to the amazing scenery in the opening scenes of Man of Steel, it’s no wonder that Warner Bros. is looking to replicate that success with this prequel to Superman. TVLine has unveiled who will be taking part in this series, and it seems to be an interesting array of characters. Take a look:

Seg-El – Superman’s grandfather, who is described as an vigorous and gently optimistic man in his 20s. His older self appeared in Starman #51 alongside Superman’s father Jor-El.

Lyta Zod – A beautiful warrior in her 20s who has some deep familial ties to villain General Zod.

Val-El – The genius grandfather of Seg, who has escaped death by entering the Phantom Zone and is a believer in space exploration.

Alura Zod – Lyta’s mother who happens to share the same name as Kara Zor-El’s mother on Supergirl. Also possibly related to General Zod.

Dev-Em – This chiseled twenty-something bad boy was a reluctant ally to the Legion of Superheroes at some point in the future. He escaped Krypton’s destruction and ends up fighting Superboy on Earth.

Ter-El – Seg’s father.

Based on these sets of characters, the show seems to be putting a focus on the El and Zod families. Shooting for the pilot is set to start this summer in Montreal, so we may see some casting news soon.

What do you guys think of this cast of characters for Krypton?

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