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LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: Jewel Staite Joins The CW’s New Show

Jewel Staite DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Jewel Staite cast in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Superhero fans can expect to see Firefly and Stargate Atlantis actress Jewel Staite in The CW’s upcoming comic-based series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Having made a name for herself in the aforementioned science fiction franchises, acting in the DC Universe’s latest spin-off was no great leap for Jewel Staite. Possibly reflecting her background in sci-fi television, Staite has been cast as a character whose abilities and background are heavily intertwined with technology. Superherohype explains:

Staite will play the role of Rachel Turner, who is described as ‘a tech genius/roboticist who exists in a future in which technology has an even firmer grip on our lives than it does today.’ The outlet notes that Turner believes her inventions can help make the world a better place but that her work is ‘destined’ to fall into Vandal Savage’s hands.

Additionally, her character is said to be descended from, among other noteworthy inventors, an established member of the DCU. Speculation already exists that this relative is Ray Palmer, himself a skilled inventor and one of the “Legends” referenced in the show’s title, but of course, nothing can be confirmed this early on.

In addition, Legends of Tomorrow will feature a number of actors who have already appeared in other series’ set in the DCU, opening the possibility for crossovers with said shows. The Flash veterans Victor Garber and Dominic Purcell are set to join Staite on the program, while fellow cast member Brandon Routh had roles in both Superman Returns and The CW’s other DC-based series, Arrow. Further strengthening the DC connection, executive producer Greg Berlanti has worked on not only the two previously-mentioned shows, but also the Superman spin-off Supergirl.

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Source: Superherohype

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