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LET ME IN: Deleted Scene: Abby tells Owen about her Transformation


The Let Me In deleted scene where Abby (Chloe Moretz) is attacked and transformed into a vampire has been released. The scene takes place right after a key trust scene in the film. Abby’s attack is very intense even though the majority of it is blurred out. Matt Reeves talks about the deleted scene as well in another clip (presented below) and why it was deleted for the film. I spoke previously about the deleted scene in this post: LET ME IN: “Amputation” Scene Missing. Check the clips out below and leave your thoughts on it below.

Let Me In Deleted Scene: Abby tells Owen about her Transformation

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Matt Reeves talks about the Deleted Scene

Source: SlashFilm

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  • Hmm it came off as anal rape… the execution read differently than what we know happened. His explanation did wonders for my understanding though.

  • It does come off as sexual in nature because they never show her being bitten during that whole scene, just held down and in fear.

  • It does come off as sexual in nature because they never show her being bitten during that whole scene, just held down and in fear.

  • Sk92958

    Looking at this, I don’t think it came off as “rape”: the way you see his hand holding her head down, and you see his shadowy figure crouched over from the side, and she’s looking sideways(as though he were going for the neck), to me it looks like this nasty menacing vampire is “turning” her into one of his kind—at least that’s how it looks to me…………..

  • I read the book it was based on so I knew different. I wish they put in more material from the book.

  • Taken_good_ones

    In the book, Abby was really a boy who was castrated and dressed as a girl by her pedophile attacker, then her “father” was also a pedophile that just wanted to have sex with her/him and that’s why he took care of abby. The book was terrible because it had so much focus on child molestation, homosexual pedophelia, and genital mutilation it was way over the top. I threw my copy away so no one else would ever read it, but I loved the movies, sans abby being a male which was a total betrayal of the character. It’s like the book saying she was actually a Care Bear, it totally didn’t fit.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is an amazing scene – the emotions this movie, the original movie, and the book elicit are amazing. I believe the author and both theatrical producers have created an amazing product.
    Chloe Moretz is going to go a long way also.
    The subject matter of the book, although controversial, does exactly what theater is supposed to do: It challenges the sense of right and wrong, challenges value, and challenges what we know or think we know. I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it and I then found myself wanting to know even more of the story.
    I am glad this deleted scene exists – I certainly understand why it was omitted, but I am glad I found it.
    FYI, first I saw Let me in, and then I found out about Let the Right One In and watched it – They each have their strengths and weaknesses but are both great. After I saw them, I wanted to read the book so I could know the rest of the story.

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