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LIFEFORCE: Colin Wilson’s ‘The Space Vampires’ Turned into a TV Series


Lifeforce turned into TV series. Colin Wilson’s The Space Vampires must be some book. It was first adapted into a theatrical film in 1985 called Lifeforce, a movie directed by Toby Hooper. There is no word yet were the TV series will land but CBS or TNT would be a good home for the series. On CBS, it could be paired with Under the Dome. On TNT, it could be paired with Falling Skies.

On the people behind the scenes of the Lifeforce TV show:

Ringleader Studios…has acquired rights to adapt…Ringleader is plotting a smallscreen episodic series, also titled Lifeforce…Ringleader Studios founder Steve Harris will exec produce. Al Zuckerman of Writers House negotiated the deal on behalf of Colin and Joy Wilson.

On the plotline of The Space Vampires (spoilers):

In the late twenty-first century, far out in a nearby asteroid belt, a gigantic derelict castle-like alien spacecraft is discovered by the space exploration vehicle Hermes, commanded by Captain Olof Carlsen. Investigating the spacecraft’s interior, the astronauts first discover the desiccated corpses of giant bat-like creatures, then three glass coffins containing three immobilised humanoids – two male and one female – preserved in a state of suspended animation.

Returning to Earth with the preserved humanoids, Carlsen discovers the true nature of the beings when one of them kills a young man, a reporter (and the son of a friend of Carlsen) whom Carlsen illicitly allowed to view the body. The woman kills her victim by completely draining his life-force (a quantifiable energy measured by a device called “lambda-field scanners”), then, when Carlsen attempts to intervene, partially draining him of energy as well. Carlsen is left still alive, but unable to prevent the woman from escaping from the hospital.

Carlsen joins forces with Dr. Hans Fallada, a scientist researching energy vampirism and longevity, to find the escaped vampire and recapture her. In the course of their investigations they discover that the aliens can transfer from one body to another, and that the other two have also escaped; they also discover the potential for energy vampirism – and more generalised voluntary energy transfer – that exists in all humans, and the parallels between vampirism, criminality, and sexual fetishisation. At last Carlsen tracks down the vampires in London, their leader having possessed the body of the Prime Minister; but their confrontation is averted when representatives from the Nioth-Korghai, the vampires’ original race, appear and offer the vampires (the Ubbo-Sathla, as they call themselves) the chance to regain their original nature as higher-dimension energy-beings. The vampires accept joyfully, but destroy themselves upon regaining the ability to see themselves for what they had become.

An epilogue, set nearly a century later, reveals that Carlsen has used the techniques of benevolent energy transference he learned via his encounters with the vampires to live an extraordinarily long life, and possibly (it is implied) to have achieved a kind of transcendence upon his death.

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Source: Wikipedia, Deadline

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